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In India, women always think about kurtis, suits or any other ethnic wears. As they are the most comfortable attire for women, salwar suits are the best picks by trendy women. It is not always about the bodice or embroidery done over the top because it is the frontier part of your ethnic look. Do you know that perfect bottom wears or salwars are equally important for your desi avatar? After all how can one ignore a slight of piece when it’s all about fashion and style statement!

Most popular traditional dresses in India such as Anarkali dresses, straight cut suit, ethnic gowns and etc. they all need a superior base to flaunt with. So, today we are going to reveal some popular types of salwars which are great to be worn with selected kameez or kurti or Anarkalis and perfect to enhance your best style. Comfort is another quotient which comes with ease of wearing and here we have tabulated some of the best salwar styles which are unbeatable in every form.

Are you worried about that same-lame look of traditional salwars? Do you think that you can count on them like one, two or three? No dear, here top 16 latest styles of salwars which impart ultimate trend to pamper your inner stylist.

  1. Dhoti Salwars – Old Kinda

Steal the style of boys!!!
Well yes, Dhoti salwars have got its traditional name from the traditional Indian dress-dhoti, which were and sometimes till now worn by males. These salwars showcase numerous U-shaped pleats, originating from the front and going in upward direction. The layers and pleats of this pair of salwars are on the inner sides parallel to any dhoti look.

They are rather in slanted shape unlike Patiala salwars or harem pants. They start from the outer portion of the ankle and form a slight of asymmetrical shape. Best for summers, springs and autumns as well, Dhoti salwars are amazingly comfortable and offers freedom of movement.

  1. Churidar Salwars – A Little Tight

Let’s talk about the most known and traditional one like churidar salwars. These salwars are the variedly available and convenient option for every woman. To flaunt gracious curve of your legs, these beauty pieces are the ultimate. These latest churidar salwars displays minimal pleats and ghera around the waist and after thighs, fabric or material goes long so that you can create vehement horizontal pleats as shown in the picture.

  1. Patiala Salwars – Traditional Pleats

As its spicy name suggests, Patiala salwars come from the joyful land of Patiala, Punjab. Patiala salwars are for the royal events and worn at very special occasion by every Punjabi woman. Why only Punjabis! Nowadays, they are worn by most of the fashionistas. Take the example of Lara Duta, Bollywood Bebo-Kareena Kapoor or Alia Bhatt. Native people call them as Patiala Shahi Salwars as they are adorned by the royal families of Punjab.

The pleats in these salwars start from the waist and goes straight joining the end cuffs. While the making of it demands lengthy fabric or materials, they offer optimum freedom while moving around.

  1. Harem Salwars – Loose & Comfy

Don’t get confused between harem pants and Aladdin pants. They look quite alike and still possess a heck of difference! Harem salwars or pants are all throughout more airy in look J and do not have strict cuffs like Aladdin salwars. They do not maintain a definite structure or shape.
To flaunt its quirk style and pattern, team it up with short tunics or ethnic short blouses (call crop top in western language).

  1. Afghani Salwars – Lend Some Confidence

So easy to catch up like these Afghani salwars which got its name from the vast land of Afghanistan! These types of salwars have a balloon silhouette and the cuffs are slightly narrower than the normal salwars with much wider pleats (above the cuffs). You may find various salwar style images of Afghani Style salwars which are now popular among the trendsetters.

  1. Aladdin Salwars – From The Western Zone

Definitely you have heard about Aladdin and related tales of Arabian nights!? Well, Aladdin salwars got its inspiration from this folk tale characters’ bottom wears. They used to wear special types of pants which are seemingly tight from the cuffs and amazingly loose between the waistline and knees. The layers of the pants fall long between the legs, offering exquisite look to your ethnic appeal. This type of salwars or traditional number has always attracted the mass in fashion industry.

  1. Palazzo Salwars – Baggy Click

Welcome to Indo-western grace! These Indian styles of palazzo salwars are very graceful and stylish. They fall parallel to frame of your legs and do not cling to your body like churidars do. Pakistani designer suits, kameez or kurti has renovated their fashion stigma and are combined with this type of salwars. You may find different types of salwars at market and online shopping portals. Embroidered, border work, embellished, patch works are some of the demanded palazzo salwars.

  1. Parallel Salwars – Simple n Sorted

Parallel salwars, cigarette salwars or pants, shararas, palazzo salwars are same in their appearance but still have slight differences. And girls do mind differences and take them quite cautiously! Right?

Parallel salwars unlike A-line cutting of palazzos or shararas, have straight edges which go along with your legs’ frames. They can be worn with ultra long or floor length kurtis or kameez and Pakistani suits for an ultimate royal look. Parallel salwars maintain same width at the tom as well as the bottom.

  1. Cigarette Pants – A Contemporary Pick

Cigarette pants or salwars have a constrained look and little more narrower than the parallel salwars adorned by Indian women. This popular type of salwars is in trend and fondly adopted by the college going or trendsetter ladies out there. They are available in various designs, exquisite cuts and styles in markets and go well with every body types. Be it a plump woman or lean one, cigarette pants do not over show what you have and thus hide your flaws comfortably.

  1. Printed Salwars – For The Happy Days

Salwars without design or unparallel prints look quite unexcited to us. And for playful mood and occasion, our sleeves always run after printed salwars. Isn’t it? They have quirky designs or traditional motifs which look quite frivoling yet classic. This type of salwars is quite loved by every age of woman. Due to simplistic detailing, they can be worn at any occasion. Prefer hip length kurtis or tunics, so that fabulous art style can be noticed by your peers.
Serve them a platter to envy!

  1. Designer Salwars – As You Like

As the name suggests, designer salwars proffer quite different style statements from the other types of salwars. Obviously you need something special when attending a special event and thus your bottom wear with kurti ought to have unparalleled looks. This stylish trend is the new favourite of young girls and office going women. Due to its intricate making and appeal, they are adored by foreign tourists as well for its comfortable look.

Designer salwars can nicely balance Indian traditional theme as well as western grace to give stunning look in club parties, social gatherings, festivals and wedding specials.

Some Other Bottom Wear with Kurti & Tunics

  1. Jeans – Our Fave

Classic denims or jeans are the undying style trend of traditional women as well. Jeans with short kurtis, tunics or long kurtis are the new fave look of trendy woman mass. Don’t forget to pick best of your accessories or jewellery with the look and complement your casual appearance with chunky jewellery and platform heels.

Solid cotton kurtis with this western bottom wears offers awesome formal look and for chic casual appeal go for printed kurtis with donning high bun and folding clutch. Try every type of stylish jeans as different types of jeans have something unlike to offer the wearer.

  1. Jeggings – Mixture Of Jeans & Leggings

In summers, jeans and related stuffs look quite inadequate for our dear skin layer. Jeans are pretty rough and tough type of materials and thus too much tight may cause discomfort. Sometimes, too much stretch ability causes extra revealing and hotness which are not acceptable at times. Thus jeggings and treggings are the perfect options for those moments. A woman with any type of body shape can opt for jeggings but they must be of right size.

Jeggings do not have zip or button closure, and you can wear them just like leggings. Select preppy colours for your sunny moods!

  1. Treggings – Know More

What on Earth are they!?
Well, they are the hybrid product of leggings and jeggings. YES! Treggings come with the awesome look of trousers and utter comfort of leggings. This combination thus proffers amalgamated values and advantages too. Let sum up their awesomeness;

1. Offers optimum comfort
2. Ravishing form fitting
3. Ankle skimming length with modern standards
4. With trousers-like detailing (zips, pockets, zip closure, etc.)
5. Even perfect for the 9 to 5 look
6. Available in various designs and patterns

  1. Leggings – Second Skin

Every woman must stack at least black, white and red coloured leggings. Managing itself into top 16 salwar styles, leggings are vehement combination of style and comfort. Perfect for any weather, season, occasion or anything (there are many, keep on counting!), leggings can be worn by pregnant ladies as well. Whether you are travelling for all day long or attending a sophisticated gala, when you choose to layer simplicity with kurtas, then leggings will be your perfect companions. In market you can find various types of leggings such as panelled, leather leggings, embellished leggings, laced leggings, etc. Shun your boring dresses and move on to exclusive ethnic collection with these stylish leggings.

  1. Skirts – For Every Day

Not only girls of 16 but women of all ages love to wear traditional skirts. Whether prom night at college, unplanned school farewell and serious official event, skirts with mid-length kurtis look quite handsome. Steal some of our expert tips to club with your fave skirts;
1. Pair short kurtis with pleated skirts to flaunt the exquisiteness
2. Shirt style kurtis (can be the long one) will look awesome
3. Wrap-around boho print skirt makes nice pairing Pakistani kurti

Salwars are the best thing to do with kameez or kurti or even designer tops and tunics, only if selected rightly. And the most noticeable thing is their vivacity which is available in numerous numbers. If you are more kind of baggy clothing then you should go with Patiala salwars, harem salwars, Afghani salwars, Aladdin salwars, palazzo salwars, and parallel salwars. Dhoti and churidar salwars are the traditional premiums.

Which type of salwar has impressed you more? Comment Below...

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